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Located right in the heart of Colombo, our mission is to help you create, execute and connect with like-minded folks, not just at one of our networking events, but every day. Everyone brings their individual experience and expertise to the table, resulting in a diverse and stimulating environment full of freelancers, startups, techies, artists, writers, editors and many more!




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The Space

Colombo, Sri Lanka

55 Seat Space,

1,000+ Person Tribe

The space is uniquely curated to enhance positive vibes. Whether your a traveller, a start up or a passionate freelancer, the multipurpose space has been designed for whether your looking to work, learn, network, or just goof around.

We’re equipped with 55 seats, private rooms, a well equipped pantry, a 12 seater and 5 seater meeting room, a kickass lobby and a stellar rooftop event space.


Dedicated Offices

What does the ideal office look like for you?

We’ve recently renovated our 6-seater private rooms. Take ownership for where you are and start working in a place that also works for you. Drop by #5 Charles Place to check out the rooms (and meet us) before they get fully booked!

The rate is all inclusive of taxes and utility bills, not to mention:
+ 24/7 access
+ Company signage
+ Unlimited WiFi
+ Free Coffee/Tea & Weekly Fruit
+ CCTV Security & Guard
+ Daily Maintenance
+ Print/Scan/Copy: 100 pages / month / desk
+ Free Parking
+ Registered Business Address
+ 6 free hours / month in the Board Room plus 30% discount on any additional bookings
+ Exclusive member discounts on events and certain products

1 Month For Free!
Sign up for at least 3 months now and get 1 month for free! (Offer valid in June only) Book a viewing now!
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Zoltan Toth - Budapest HungaryAnish Wijesinghe - Colombo, Sri LankaMustafa Kassim - Colombo, Sri Lanka
“Likuid has been a real surprise for me. I’ve been to Asia many times, but this one was the most pleasant coworking space I’ve ever worked at, mostly thanks to the inspiring environment, friendly members and the authentic Sri Lankan coffee. Everything is given to work peacefully on your project, but if you feel like partying after work, you don’t have to ask twice! I could see this place is the beginning of something big, so UP Center decided to become a partner coworking space with Likuid. Go Likuid, you are doing great!”
Zoltan Toth - Budapest Hungary
UP Center
“Likuid Spaces has been a great experience for the Motion Miracles team so far. Our sophisticated team of young designers and coders aren’t easy to handle but after having joined the space, our productivity levels had increased by 320%. Everyone is happy with the joyful/caring environment and seeing other companies hard at work is always a great boost in morale. Having all the ready-made facilities around and a great rooftop to host workshops, brainstorm or just chill allows the team to feel free and focused. Thank you for such a great experience!”
Anish Wijesinghe - Colombo, Sri Lanka
Motion Miracles
“Likuid was the perfect incubation space for Roar. We used to work out of cafes in 2014, because we couldn’t afford the complexities of running an office. Likuid provided a cost effective, all inclusive workspace with a good vibe that was ideal for us.”
Mustafa Kassim - Colombo, Sri Lanka
Roar Media


First Day Free
Lose Your Virginity
Rs0.00 /first day
New to Coworking? We were once curious too! Come by and see how you feel coworking in a cosy space in a prime location. Your first time is on us!
  • Hot Desk - 1 Day First Timer Pass
  • Weekday's 7am to 7pm
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi, Coffee, Tea & Water
  • 100 x Free Prints
  • Exclusive Member DIscounts
Daily Pass
Hot Desk Anywhere
Rs1500 /day
If this is your second time to the space and a day is all you need, this plan is for you! Your welcome to use the lobby and rooftop space for a different setting.
  • Hot Desk - 1 Day Pass
  • Weekday's 7am to 7pm
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi, Coffee, Tea & Water
  • 100 x Free Prints
  • Exclusive Member Discounts
Virtual Member
Join the Tribe
Rs5000 /month
We would love to have you as a member even if you don't need a permanent workspace! Being part of the tribe gives you exclusive access to all features of the space.
  • Hot Desk - 3 Day Pass
  • Weekday's 7am to 7pm
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi, Coffee, Tea & Water
  • Registered Office Address with Mailbox
  • Exclusive Member Discounts
Weekly Pass
Hot Desk Anywhere
Rs9000 /week
Who said a week had to be 7 days in a row? This plan is perfect if you'd like to decide when you'd like to work. Its valid for any 7 weekdays throughout the year.
  • Hot Desk - 7 Day Pass
  • Weekday's 7am to 7pm
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi, Coffee, Tea & Water
  • 100 x Free Prints
  • Exclusive Member Discounts
Monthly Hot Desker
Hot Desk Anywhere
Rs20000 /month
If your a person whose always on the move but always needs a space to recuperate, then this Monthly Plan is for you. Come in on any day and sit anywhere you like!
  • Hot Desk - Monthly Pass
  • Everyday, 7am to 7pm
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi, Coffee, Tea & Water
  • 100 x Free Prints
  • Exclusive Member Discounts
Monthly Resident
Your Spot, Anytime
Rs27500 /month
We're all picky. With this plan, you get to decide where you sit, all the time, anytime. This plan is the only plan that provides 24/7 Access to the space and it includes all tribe benefits.
  • Your Own Desk, with Lockable Drawers!
  • 24/7 Access
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi, Coffee, Tea & Water
  • 100 x Free Prints + 1hr Board Room Use
  • Exclusive Member Discounts

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